After initiating yet another remarkable academic year with a grand investiture ceremony, students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir were all geared up for some amazing sports events while also gaining momentum in daily studies and working for academic goals. And owing to the uncertainty of rains, Carrom was an apt sport to begin with.

This sensational and the highly sought-after indoor game at AVM attracted a lot of participants at the outset from each of the categories: Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior. After some challenging rounds of selections, two finest participants were selected from each house in all the three groups. These chosen ones then underwent the process of sheer hard work and practice to become even better under the able guidance of our untiring Kalpesh Sir. He selflessly devoted himself to help all these young aspirants to sharpen their skills and become stronger and efficient.

All those efforts and practice hours culminated into a very fine competition on 8th July 2019, the day of competition. The players were all prepared, teeming with immense enthusiasm and ready to compete with each other with the best of their abilities. The clash began and the participants gave all they had to bag the victory.

Despite the intense competition, the strong competitors of Satyam House led their way to the finals in all three groups. They faced the warriors of Shivam in the Junior and Senior groups, while in the Sub-Junior group, they played against the house where diversity is a celebration, the Suhradam House. In the Senior category, the hardy souls of Shivam House came out victorious, while in the other two categories, the house with the slogan ‘Truth Prevails’, the Satyam House, proved its feat by crowning themselves as the champions.

In conclusion, it was the persistent efforts of Kalpesh Sir that the competition turned to be a splendid success. There is no atom of hyperbole in saying that this carrom competition was truly a fantastic display of a fair but fierce competition, demonstrating the value of the slogan, ‘WE ARE ONE.’

This year has indeed got a great start and we hope that the journey continues involving innumerable leaps and bounds of progress and achievements.

Reported by: Nirman Jaiswal (Class 10)