Competition is an integral part of everyone’s life. Winning and losing are not the only aspects, but participation is what matters more.

Our school participated in the Inter School District level Carrom Competition held at JB Diamonds & KARP Impex Vidya Sankul on 23rd July. Overall, 14 teams from different schools, in all the groups, U-14, U-17 and U-19 participated in it.

Harshbhai Patel and Ombhai Patel represented our school in the U-14 group. They played against Galiyara High School and Bhulka Vihar School. To our great honour, they cleared their way to the finals. Sadly, our school lost to J.B. Diamonds School (CBSE) and secured the Runners up position.

In the U-17 group, Mumukshubhai Patel and Dhrumilbhai Patel represented our school. They competed against Aryam Gujarati School and Galiyara High School and easily made their way to the finals. With great pride, our school soared to great heights winning the finals against J.B. Diamonds School.

Taking the reins of the school, Martinbhai Patel and Darshbhai Darji represented us in the U-19 category. They effortlessly paved their way past Valmiki High School and J.B. Diamonds Gujarati Medium School. They also got victory in the finals against the J.B. Diamonds School (CBSE) team.

Moreover, adding to the glory, Martinbhai Patel, Darshbhai Darji, Mumukshubhai Patel and our sports captain Dhrumilbhai Patel got selected to play at the State level competition. The credit for these achievements goes to the school carrom coach, Kalpesh Sir.

Written by: Harsh Hingu, Jenil Padsala (Class 10)