A new year comes with new responsibilities and opportunities for everyone. One such great responsibility is to be part of the Student Council of Atmiya Vidya Mandir. Many enthusiasts were ready to shoulder these responsibilities. This year also, mind-boggling, wonderous, insightful and incredible speeches during the election campaign phase, made it difficult for the students to decide whom to elect as their leader. Excitement reached zenith as students, teachers, housemasters and didis reached the polling booth to cast their precious votes. The results were announced a day after the election and the investiture ceremony was scheduled around the corner to formally invest these newly elected members with rights, duties, authorities and responsibilities to uphold the school’s decorum.

Inauguration of the function was done by Pujya Prabodhswamiji, Pujya Suhradswamiji and our principal Dr. Vijay Patel. They performed poojan of Thakorji and sought blessings for entire Atmiya parivaar.

First event of the evening was the synergetic march past of the newly elected council members. Headboy Parambhai led the group along with Vice Headboy Harshilbhai, followed by Dhrumilbhai the Sports Captain, followed by Jenilbhai Padshala the Satyam House Captain, followed by Krishivbhai Davariya the Satyam House Vice Captain, followed by Mananbhai Mehta the Shivam House Captain, followed by Harshbhai Patel the Shivam House Vice Captain, followed by Jagratbhai Sandesara the Sundaram House Captain, followed by Nirmanbhai Patel the Sundaram House Vice Captain, followed by Harshbhai Hingu the Suhradam House Captain, and lastly Aryanbhai Antala the Suhradam House Vice Captain. The house conveners were called upon to pin the badges to the House Captains and the Vice House Captains of their respective houses. The Sports Captain, the Vice Head Boy and the Head Boy were pinned badges by Pujya Natuda, Pujya Suhradswamiji and Pujya Prabodhswamiji. The prefects of all the house were pinned badges by the teachers of respective houses.

Second event of the evening was the oath taking ceremony. In the divine presence of God and His blessed saints, the members of Student Council vouched to offer their services and give back to the school more than they’d seek to receive.

After the oath taking, it was the time for a heart soothing melodious singing performance on the song “Together we can change the world” which was prepared by the children under the guidance of our very dedicated music teachers Himanshu Sir and Jaimin Sir.

Next was speech from Headboy Parambhai. The challenge for every leader is to be strong but not rude, to be kind but not weak, to be bold but not bully, to be thoughtful but not lazy, to be proud but not arrogant. Parambhai very courageously came forward to accept these challenges of becoming a bhoolku leader. He very humbly expressed his gratitude to his parents, teachers, friends and to the Almighty making use of deftly chosen words of praise. His speech reflected his devotional heart and left an insightful impression on the audience.

Then it was time for a mesmerising dance performance. This dance was choreographed by our very creative and hardworking Manish Sir and his team of students. The dance depicted the journey of every Atmiya Vidya Mandir student from their entry into the school, development and nurturing at school and their life beyond school. It depicted how the values of hardwork, prayer and company of good friends, help the children to avoid negative influence in their life.

Later on, it was the time to hear from the man himself, our principal Dr. Vijay Patel. Humbly sharing with all the students, he mainly talked about how each one of us should become a good atmiya friend of the other. He also described the characteristics of an atmiya friend and told how we can become one. He inspired all and urged the student council members that it was their foremost duty to become an atmiya friend of each other.

It was a very auspicious occasion as the first function of this academic year was graced by the presence of Pujya Prabodhswamiji and Pujya Suhradswamiji. Pujya Suhradswamiji was invited on the stage to bless us with his words of wisdom.

He reiterated what Vijay Sir told and guided the students to live in such a way that their elders don’t feel hesitant in giving them any instruction or suggestion for their own benefit. He motivated all to delve deeper into the life of Param Pujya Swamishree to seek constant inspiration to live life positively.

The most opportune moment of the evening was to have Pujya Prabodhswamiji’s darshan and His blessings. He started by explaining the importance of studying at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. He added that as soon as one gets admitted to AVM, his journey towards becoming a bhoolku and pleasing Swamiji begins. Further, He made us aware that Swamishree has blessed us all tremendously and has given us the company of Pujya Suhradswamiji. He explained that Suhradswamiji was our divine mother, the one who will nurture us by giving us selfless love, affection and care like a mother. He urged all to develop a relation like that of a mother and son with Pujya Suhradswamiji and told that it is only in the company of saints that we will be able to shed our negative habits and transform into a good human being.

After His ashirvaad, there was the ceremony of lightning the lamp. Pujya Prabodhswamiji, Pujya Suhradswamiji and Vijay Sir along with Student Council members lit the lamp, which was symbolic of our journey from darkness to brightness under the divine grace and blessings of Param Pujya Swamishree. At last, the icing on the cake was the time when Suhradswamiji conveyed Swamishree’s Jay Swaminarayan to all of us.

This marked the end of the year’s entertaining and enlightening beginning. The hosts bid farewell and wished for fun filled learning opportunities, joyous celebrations and above all, an enthusiastic and inspiring company of each other in the year ahead.

Written by: Gaurav Kawedia, Madhur Modi (Class 11 Commerce)