The Founder of our school, His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji, has always envisioned Atmiya Vidya Mandir students and Indian youths to be a patriot, being brave and strong like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and to be honest and ethical to live a fearless life. In this context, today’s India is free from the slavery of East India Company but still reels under the impact of hidden enemy i.e. corruption and lackadaisical approach of Indians towards social challenges. Reflecting upon such issues of national interest and expressing the bubbling love for the national flag and India’s rich culture, the 71st Independence Day was celebrated at Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

We celebrate national festivals to instil and promote enthusiasm and ‎love for the country. Feeling the wave ‎and renewed energy, students reiterate the fact that after 70 years of Independence, youth of India still have a chance to show their bravery and patriotism by being honest. The need of the time is to show courage, honesty and bravery to leave a casual approach towards performing any task or duty.

The programme started with the welcoming of the guests, which was followed by invoking God’s blessings and pujan of Thakorji. The students gave a charismatic display of discipline as they were standing replicating the rays of rising sun depicting a new beginning.

The event then continued with flag-hoisting done by the distinguished guests. Dr. Sridhar Sir (Param Wellness), Dr. Vijay Sir and Arvind Sir (Niveshaay, Surat) did this significant procedure.

After this, Ritesh Sir gave the command of salute to the national flag. In those 2 to 3 ‎seconds, everyone’s face glowed and showed delight. This was followed ‎by the jhanda geet and the national song. After that, the head boy and the student council members honoured ‎the guests with bouquets. All these events were very nicely hosted by the anchors Mukesh Sir and Kamlesh Sir.‎ They enticed the audience with their thought provoking shayaris.

In the midst of all this, the students, teachers and all that were present listened to two very impressive speeches. The first one was delivered by Dr. Sridhar who inspired students to embrace the present, to realise one’s strength and to start working upon that. His speech was spell-bounding. Once again, it was time to come under the patriotic wave which was prominent in yet another speech of a very honourable guest Arvind Sir from Niveshaay & Swastik Education. He inspired the young AVM students to be responsible citizens. He showed a very simple and practical way of contributing towards nation-building and of practicing patriotism. He appealed to all that were present and especially the AVM youths to pay taxes sincerely in the future when they earn and share the responsibilities of government. Unless we do this we cannot expect the government to do some miracle and develop our nation! He informed us about some striking, notable statistics of the money invested by the government for the people. He convinced us to pay taxes when it will be our turn and to request our near ones to do the same.

Nearing the end of the celebration, Dr. Sridhar sang and asked us to recite a mesmerising patriotic song which brought out the stored enthusiasm and excitement within all of us.

The celebration further filled everyone hearts with love for our nation. All now remain eager to get an opportunity to give their contribution, and hence we concluded the ceremony with the singing of the national anthem with great spirit.

Written by: Param Dubey and Niramay V Patel (Class 10)