It was a heartening moment to witness the excitement in the expression of our children on 2nd October 2016, at 11 pm in the night. All the students of grades 6th and 7th were eager and desperate to embark upon the journey and to reach Imagica Theme Park. Around eight o’clock on third October morning, we arrived at Hotel Novotel in the premises of Imagica. After getting ready, a delicious breakfast with a variety of options added one more layer of fun in the tour. We then headed to Adlabs Imagica. Installed immediately after the entrance, the Nitro Roller Coaster offered a thrilling experience to some students while some avoided the same. Some students made their own records to go for numerous times in some of the most electrifying rides like Nitro Roller Coaster and Deep Space Roller Coaster. Before lunch, thanks to a beautiful weather, all of us experienced Kashmir in Imagica! The excitement of snow slide, snow fall and snow dance floor were among the most liked among students at SnoMagica. After having a sumptuous lunch, entertainment for students continued in the form of different rides like Mr India, I for India, Rajasaurus, etc. Before dinner, dandia enhanced both the enjoyment and appetite of the students.

Next morning, 4th October, we reached Aqua Imagica after an awesome breakfast. Enthusiastically, all the students ventured into the park to expand their fun-filled experience. Without delaying even a single second, they dunked into the water and also went for different water rides. Some students enjoyed the ride Loopy Woopy and made records among them for eleven times whereas some avoided, and some made records in enjoying the ride Swirl whirl, Twisty turvy, Zip zap zoom and many others. All the rides maintained the excitement of students throughout the day, even after lunch. We returned to the hotel in the evening. Even the evening was filled with the joy of dance and an enjoyable dinner.

We felt the extended blessings of Swamishree. Had it rained on the very first day of our arrival, it might have ruined the joy of different rides at Adlabs Imagica. On the second day, a brief rain shower followed by a very pleasant weather enhanced the joyful experience at Aqua Imagica. Indeed, we are always in the laps of Thakorji, irrespective of the place and time!

On 5th October morning, we started our journey back to school. We felt that even nature wanted to contribute towards our joy by pouring down and beautifying the greenery all around. Our return journey through the hills and vast expanse of land, the drenched road and the drizzling splashes of water, the absence of sun’s rays, the cool weather turned out to be full of immense pleasure. We had our lunch at Silent Resort and came back to school with many treasurable moments of our life.

Anand Sir & Prerak Sir