World Maths Day & World Spelling Day Award Ceremony – 2011

On 9th July, Atmiya Vidya Mandir celebrated, the much awaited, World Maths Day & World Spelling Day Award Ceremony. The award ceremony was organized by Australian e-Learning company 3P Learning.

In 2011, World Maths Day (WMD) was joined by World Spelling Day (WSD). World Spelling Day, the latest event as part of the World Education Games, was organized by the creative team behind Mathletics, Spellodrome and World Maths Day. In his review, Genevieve Darnley, Director of the World Education Games, said, “Anyone can play; this event is for all spellers, not just the experts. This is an exciting way to get involved in literacy, and unite the world in learning.”

Students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir participated in both the events and made their mark in the International Arena, where 1,298,234 students and 22,785 schools from 212 countries had participated in WMD; and 509,500 students and 19,215 schools from 212 countries had participated in WSD.

In WMD, four out of nine teams held 2nd, 3rd, 7th & 10th rank in the world; whereas the other five teams held 14th, 22nd, 27th, 32nd & 33rd ranks in the world. Therefore, we had four teams in the first 10 ranks and nine teams in the first 50 ranks in the world.

Similarly, in the WSD, four out of eight teams held 1st, 2nd, 6th & 8th rank in the world; whereas the other four teams held 13th, 22nd, 36th & 43rd ranks in the world. Therefore, we had four teams in the first 10 ranks and 8 teams in the first 50 ranks in the world.

To honour the champions and motivate the students, Mr. D N Dhanuka, the CEO and Director of Mathletics, India, Mr. Vikrant Agarwal, the Marketing Manager of Mathletics, India and Mr. Pradeep Nair, the Business Manager of Mathletics, India had come as the representatives of the Australian e-Learning company 3P Learning. We also had Pujya Sinha Sir, who is the Principal of Delhi Public School, Harni, Baroda and very renowned educationist, to honour and motivate the students. Pujya Fuvaji was also present with us to honour, bless and motivate the students.

The award ceremony began with the poojan of Thakorji and a devotional bhajan (Rabindra Sangeet) sung by the students of grade 5 to 10. Then, the chief guests were welcomed by offering garlands and bouquets.

In his address to the students, Dhanuka Sir said that the philosophy behind the World Education Games was to get students around the world as excited about math and spelling as they were about sport. Moreover, the World Spelling Day aspired to encourage students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have a go at spelling in a fun, interactive and accessible way.

Mr. Agarwal exclaimed that World Spelling Day and UNICEF have joined forces to harness the potential of the event and help give children around the world access to quality learning. He expressed his happiness for the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir for scoring the first rank in the world in the age group 14 to 18.

The Champions and the participants received their awards and certificates, amidst huge rounds of applauds and music, from the chief guests, Mr. Dhanuka, Mr. Agarwal, Mr. Nair, Pujya Sinha Sir, Pujya Fuvaji and Pujya Haresh Sir. The students also had the opportunity to get a group picture with the chief guests.

Thereafter, Pujya Sinha Sir addressed the students saying that success goes to those who believe that they can succeed. He motivated the students by sharing the real life incidences of successful people.

The award ceremony ended with the vote of thanks presented by the Principal, Dr. Vijay Patel. He gave very special thanks to the 3P learning team for all their endeavours in organizing WMD & WSD, as both these events roused the interest of the students in Math and English. He said that the students learnt the cubes and cube roots from 2 to 25 in order to win; which was a very difficult task to accomplish in the classroom. Besides, WSD generated the awareness in students about the significance of spellings. He exclaimed that because of the WSD, the English vocabulary of the students also increased by many folds. Eventually, he thanked the Math and English teachers and the students for their hard work.

Everybody was excited and motivated to bring more laurels the next year.

Written by: Paras Sir

AVM’s Sparklers made the day brighter……

He loves…, He cares…, He guides…, He inspires…

The divine grace of the president founder of our school H.D.H P.P Hariprasad Swamiji has indeed blessed us with a feeling of honour and adoration to be at the helm of affairs of unending celebration in Atmiya Vidya Mandir. With His grace and guidance, the school has shown a quantum leap since it began its journey. The philosophy of the school is in sync with its motto “Dedicated To The Divinity In Every Child” propounding to respect their unique individual entity adorned with matchless worth and integrity.

In order to promote and prune the inherent talent of each child, all the members of Atmiya Vidya Mandir assembled to commemorate the maiden stride of student-Houses through various activities. This thought-thread runs across the students, academicians and staff community bringing them together and constantly motivating them to acquire a cutting edge. In order to further promote and flicker the glittering blaze, the closing ceremony of this academic session was held on 12th of Feb 2011. 

Dazzling dance

The curtain was raised as the stage bathed in rich tones of white and blues. The piece titled teamwork, commitment, loyalty and ….. ‘The endeavor continues…..’– phrases penned specially for the occasion and creatively designed.

The welcome dance was an electrifying performance by the following vibrant and vivacious students from Std VI to X.
Umang Mistry (Std 6)
Manhil Borana (Std 7)
Prashant Gupta (Std 7)
Krutarth Rangunwala (Std 7)
Sumit Chaudhari (Std 7)
Jill Patel (Std 7)
Harshill Soni (Std 8)
Bhavik Parekh (Std 8)
Yash Dandawala (Std 8)
Vishesh Mistry (Std 8)
Tanmay Patel (Std 8)
Sonak Patel (Std 8)
Raj G Patel (Std 8)
Sunny Patel (Std 9)
Mishal Kansara (Std 9)
Smeet Bhatt (Std 9)
Vinay Rathi (Std 9)
Akshay Patel (Std 9)
Bhavik Patel (Std 10)
Raj V Patel (Std 10)
Aditya Patel (Std 10)

The dancers translated the moments into dance format divulging the core value ‘sportsmanship’. Starting with a beautiful duet, marked with sweeping lifts to flow into a pulsating piece as more dancers pour in to fill up the stage. A fast paced high-octane dance ensued large dynamic percussive movements, gravity defying lifts, turns, jumps and tumbles were the signature of this piece – symbolic of the core value – commitment.

The final climb performance kept everybody on the edge of his seats. Dancers garbed in pristine white open the piece to finally usher in with resistance…A large metal ring suspended from the top, spins and swings around the stage, creating an ethereal effect. As the dancers performed in this spinning contraption, their bodies folded, unfolded, contorted to take on new and beautiful forms. A breath taking, dare devil performance that says “I can, I will”.
Each act was an aesthetic delight, high in skill, with supporting props, hats off to Suharadam (Montu Sir) and these swiftly, highly energetic boys of AVM.

The distinguished guests of the evening were Mrs Smita Patkar, an educationist from Mumbai and her husband along with respected Harish Sir and respected Trustee Natu Da. The guests lit the holy lamp and offered flowers onto the Lord’s feet on behalf of AVM family for the smooth flow of the event.

It was followed by Pranshu Savani (Std 9) and Sahishnu Patel (Std 10) carrying the audience with their scintillating anchoring and occasional remarks bursting with ultimate wit and humour. The duo raised the pulse of the event and kept the audience spell bound. Throughout the program, they brought in their best, displaying flair and grace.

Principal’s address

The program began with Principal Swayam Mam’s address. She applauded the untiring efforts of conveners and teachers of different Student Houses. She also congratulated the students for flourishing with their inherent talent through various house activities throughout the year.

Academic Winner House

Above all, the inter house competition and creative assemblies rendered development of a strong bonding of mutual love and respect among the teachers and the students which in turn creates magic in the class room: and the one who bagged the winner trophy for Academic Excellence with such magic wand is Suhradam House.

A Sweeping Account of the learning Extravaganza
The school vice head boy Yash Pachhigar and Suhradam House Captain Abhishek Panchal took us down the memory lane on how AVM fared competed and won in the world of Academics, Culture and Sports. The backdrop screen on the projector displayed the reminiscence in digital form. They talked about different activities, enumerated briefly the events and the outcomes of the year.

Once again Pranshu and Sahishnu, the hosts of the show amused the audience with their hilarious style yet sensible comments. It was the time to pinch the pang on physical ground, Satyam house with its invincible sportsmanship and physical agility took away the trophy of winning house for sports events. Satyam House convener Paras Sir was greeted with thousand smiles for this amazing prize.

The exciting proceedings started with conveners of all four student house arriving on the stage to share their experiences with their house members. They gave a boost to the event when each one of them took over as the main anchor of the event. Paras Sir humbled at the contribution of each of Satyam House members whereas Saumya Mam considered the members of Shivam House as a team of competent workers. Tarun Sir spoke about how Sundaram house lives its slogan ‘United Hearts And Unbeatable Spirit’. The Suhradam House Convener Prabhudarshan Sir stated his house motto ‘One For All and All For One.’ as his house members showed amazing joy to be in a house ‘Where Diversity Is A Celebration’.“We are the world”
It was time for an eccentric bunch of budding singers to take over stage, the school choir group flocked to ‘We are the children, we are the world’, as Meherzan Turel (Std 8), Deval Patel (Std 10), Samyak Varia (Std 10) set in acoustic vibes, a musical performance that focused on softer music, seemed keenly jubilant and melodious. The ambience of the location, the stunning stage gave the event an added attraction. Thanks to all Didis and Samarthya Mam. The magical melodious voice of Meherzan took everyone in trance. Soon the music teacher, Somnath Sir joined, performing close-harmony arrangements with razored precision and swapping the leads between singers with nicely contrasting vocal sounds, from impassioned falsetto (arranger Ronak Mistry of Std 8) to soulful bass (Sawai Rathi of Std 9). An unironic cover with funky groove supplied by Somnath Sir and his students. Everyone was just carried away by them!

Display Board Winner House

In order to develop and encourage the skills of visualization, investigation and representation of concepts, the display board secures a major part. The display board activities were aimed at strengthening the atmosphere of cohesiveness & free-flow expression and to have fun at the same time. This prize was bagged by Sundaram House.

Best Creative Assembly

Here came the time to hold on the breath! Everybody was eager to find to be at the top for making the most spectacular shows! Values, music, dialogues, concept, script, costume, backdrop, theme and so on…. the category that intrigued and fascinated everybody. The best creative assembly award was taken by Sundaram House.

Certificate distribution

It was then, the time to appreciate and applaud the contribution, coordination and cooperation of the members of the Students’ Council. All the members of the students’ council were given certificates of appreciation for being the interface between the students and the administration as they shouldered their assigned responsibility superbly. This group of members represented the interests of the students and participated in all meetings discussing to identify and address concerns that affect the students directly and indirectly. Following list shows the names of the students received the certificates:

School Head Boy:  Sarthak Jariwala
Vice Head Boy:  Yash Pachchigar
Sports Captain:  Vikas Patel
Satyam House Captain:  Abhishek Patel
Satyam House Vice Captain:  Harsh Sarda
Shivam House Captain:  Darshit Patel
Shivam House Vice Captain:  Vishesh Mistry
Sundaram House Captain:  Sunny Patel
Sundaram House Vice Captain:  Ravi Patel
Suhradam House Captain:  Abhishek Panchal
Suhradam House Vice Captain:  Nishit Banka

Over all Winner House

With the start of every session, the busy and hectic schedule, classes, activities, exams and functions each have their own charms, anxiety and frolic. But still there is something that every house looked forward to…The Winner House of The Session. The beam of laughter, the splash of speculation, the high talks of hard work and appreciation and criticisms and then the final countdown began for the most awaited announcement of the d-day. The phonemes SSSS… and MMMMM….. seemed to rumble and resonated the hall, some anticipated and some just presume the another ……

Suhradam House perks up
It was noticeable that there was a fierce competition with the other houses that motivated “Team Suhradam” to perform extremely well both on and off the field. With their competitive spirit unleashed, they were really a team to reckon with as they went on to win competition after competition, and ended the academic year with a flourish by winning the coveted “Trophy” for the best house for overall performance for the year.

Talking about the win moments, after the event, would seem unbelievable to Abhishek Panchal, the Suharadam House captain as, he had a look of disbelief on his face as the triumph settled in and he took his time to describe the win.

In her speech, the chief guest Smt. Smitaben regarded the AVM family members the most fortunate for living in scenic and serene surroundings of pious vibrations in the school premises. She also revealed the fact that AVM is in the front page of Swamiji’s diary.

The excitement and enthusiasm seemed to defuse with the racing needles of the watch as it shrunk the belly craving for lunch. Soon, the programme came to an end with the acknowledgement and applause by Rupashree Mam for the untiring efforts of teachers, students and staff who have contributed significantly to portray the essence of being able to soar new heights, scale new skies and participate in various activities. Though the fervor was over and the tempo was doused with the end of the programme yet the celebration and joy continues……..