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National Spelling Bee Competition

12 students from the Atmiya Vidya Mandir school will be participating in the national level spelling competition which is called Spell bee competition tomorrow on 15th December 2009 at Ahmedabad. This will be the second round of the competition where students from different parts of Gujarat will compete to secure a place in the next […]

Where’s the teacher?

The global meltdown may have hit India, but one sector that has weathered the storm so far is school education. No other country perhaps displays such a wide range of school within the system. There is the government sector with it’s municipal schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas and non government sector with its playschools in […]

AIMS – The Journey Begins

Let’s face it – Historically, technology has evolved more out of the needs of the business community than those of the education arena. Whereas it’s a subjective issue of prioritizing in this situation, there’s good news that technology creators are now indeed focusing on the requirements of education.Furthermore, we have borrowed technology from the business […]

Are we nurturing or killing creativity!

We have a very interesting education system. Our education system gives the memory unit of our brain a lot of exercise. Can anyone guess how does our education system gives a workout to brain? Yes, you all have guessed it right; it’s the retention and recall. Our education system has taught us how to memorize […]


समय कौन समय ? कैसा समय ? समय एक ऐसा, करता नहीं इंतज़ार किसी का , जल्दी आता, जल्दी जाता । गर करें इंतज़ार किसी वार का , कभी नहीं वो जल्दी आता । न किसी का दोस्त, न किसी का दुश्मन । फिर भी वह साथ हमारे , पास हमारे । गर हैं हम […]

”सफलता का एक आधार”

”सफलता का एक आधार” मैं लगातार,मेरा नाम लगातार, मैं बार-बार और मैं ही हर बार। मैं नहीं कहता कि,मैं ही हूं….. पर,मैं कहता हूं कि,मैं भी हूं, सफलता का एक आधार।। मैं लगातार,मेरा नाम लगातार, मैं बार-बार और मैं ही हर बार। जिसकी इच्छा अभी अधुरी है, तो वहां मेरा होना ज़रुरी है। सफलता चाहे […]

A prayer of an Atmiya Teacher

आत्मीय शिक्षक की प्रार्थना शिक्षक वह है जो चाहे तो निर्माण कर दे, शिक्षक वह है जो चाहे तो निर्वाण भी कर दे। तार दे हमे जीवन से अपना अमृत बूँद के, प्रेम- सिंधु बहाकर चाहे तो प्रलय फैला दे। जीवन में अगर कुछ करना चाहो तो शिक्षक को नत मस्तक हो, जीवन में अगर […]

Never Compromise in Teaching Quality…

Mathematics is an integral part of life and it’s used everywhere. Recently, Maharashtra State Board introduced two levels of mathematics for Class X SSC board students. One will be regular maths and other will be general maths. The general maths level will be lower than regular maths. It’s not advisable to opt out or to […]