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Excellence indeed has no barriers!

There’s a weird time at times, when there is no synchronisation between our mind and the body! The excitement is too much to handle. I am going through the same time whilst typing this article and so are the hard and smart working teachers of Atmiya Vidya Mandir! The D day has finally come and […]

Excellence has no barriers

In the early part of the 19th century, Michael Faraday, a self-made scientist, in his quest for excellence, discovered the semiconductor effect. This quest continued throughout the decades and centuries that followed during which the pro-active scientists, engineers, businessmen, committed world citizens contributed their best. Their “small steps” each turned out to be “giant leaps” […]

The Little Masters still dominate on the Second Practice Session! Stay tuned and witness History.

If you’ve been on a trade floor of an investment bank, you’ll find something quite remarkable, something that’ll definitely sweep you off. It’s the energy level. There’s so much excitement, hurrays of victories, sighs due to losing, a constant never say never again attitude “breezing” across the floor! I can say it without any hesitation […]