This year on 18th November, Shivam House presented a creative assembly in the school prayer hall with the title “જેની ઈર્ષ્યા આવે, એને ગુરુ બનાવીએ!”.

Graced by Pujya Prabodhswamiji, Pujya Suhradswamiji, Pujya Sarvamangalswamiji and Pujya Vitraagswamiji, the assembly manifested its beginning with the poojan of Thakorji. Following the poojan came an amazingly auspicious moment where Pujya Prabodhswamiji tied a nada chhadi on Vijay Sir’s wrist. All the saints were then offered a bouquet by the students. On behalf of the entire staff and students, a prarthana was put forth to Pujya Prabodhswamiji and all the saints that they bless us so that we can live and celebrate the Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav 2020, by living with Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta, in order to eradicate our Hath, Maan and Irsha, so that we can please GuruHari Swamishree.

After this very special moment, the assembly, which was woven around ‘Vachnamrut Gadhada Pratham Four: ‘નારદજી જેવી ઈર્ષ્યા નું.’, began. The boys in blue pulled out a scene of a Kabbadi ground on stage, where the main protagonist of the play Mananbhai, caught the attention of the audience through his intense jealousy towards another student Armaanbhai. The intensity was such that his friends had to persuade him to seek God’s help for his wrong attitude. And this is when the young and energetic sixth grade dancers of Shivam House performed their dance on the kirtan ‘O Mere Swami, hey Pragat Prabhu’. Their costumes were beautifully designed by the teachers and it was an enthralling performance. And this is when Naradji came to Mananbhai’s rescue. Naradji listened carefully and patiently explained to them the harmful effects of jealousy. To give them a clear solution, he shared his own experience which is documented in Vachnamrut Pratham Four, that took the play in a flashback.

The spectacular decoration on the stage aptly depicting the different times, and eras added much charm to the assembly.

Tumbru’s singing had pleased God, as a result, He rewarded him with gifts, fine silk, jewellery and exquisite cloth. This made Naradji extremely jealous of Tumbru. With jealousy in mind he decided to please God just like Tumbru did. His dedication was pure but was maligned with jealousy.

So, without slacking any further, he started practising the art of music. A few years later, Naradji appeared in God’s palace to display his singing skills. It was an excellent performance but God was not pleased with him because he was filled with jealousy against Tumbru. But because he was determined, he told God that he will learn more and will try again to please Him. He kept learning and practising the art and at one point in time, he also went to learn music from Lord Shiva. And this process of learning continued for 216 crore years! And yet, Naradji was unable to satisfy his thirst for appreciation from God, because he bore jealousy against Tumbru.

Finally, Naradji got tired and he did not know what to do. So, he decided to pray to God and then with the inspiration from God, Naradji decided to make Tumbru his guru and went to him and learnt music from him. After learning from Tumbru, Naradji went to Lord Krishna and he was very pleased with his music. Lord Krishna offered him gifts and also made Naradji aware about his mistake. He said that God never gets pleased with anybody who has jealousy in his mind, only when one removes his jealousy, God gets pleased.

All the students and staff of the school learnt this amazing message conveyed from the assembly.

One day or the other, people often find themselves in a state of jealousy. At such times, one should not act stubbornly. Instead, he should approach the person whom he is jealous of and make him his guru and learn from him.

Therefore, it is rightly said,” જેની ઈર્ષ્યા આવે, એને ગુરુ બનાવીએ”

-Reported by: Om N. Patel, Nirav K. Patel & Nirmaan M. Patel (Class 10)