Suhradam House: Where Diversity is a Celebration

Every child is gifted with an unique talent to usher this reality, House wise creative assemblies are supposed to be the platform to unearth this valuable treasure and polish it to its sparkling genius. Following the same, Suhradam house members satiated creative urge of the students by supporting them to enhance the innate potential lying dormant in them.
With an unfurled banner on the background with the house slogan- “Where Diversity is a celebration” and the corresponding emblem was conspicuously showcasing the philosophy of the school.
On the first day of the Suhradam house assembly, Mishal from std 9B left no corner of the prayer hall unheard with his fascinating voice and impressive style when he took the stage to announce the proceedings of the assembly. Ashish Pandey from std 11th chanted the mantras and led the assembly for prayer. Krishna Patel from std 9th B shared his thought and Kishan from std 6th read the news headlines. The prayer hall resonated with claps and cheers as Pushpak Sir recited his composition on a thoughtful subject ‘It is a nature of thoughts that finds its way into action.’
The next day was very special as Suhradam house induced a sense of devotion in all by placing a special cradle for Thakorji on the dais celebrating Hindola Utsav, Students and Teachers were invited to pull the string of the cradle to and fro to offer Bhakti to the Lord. Shaivin of std 10th, in his speech, elucidated the significance of Hindola Day in Hindu Culture.
The following day was no less captivating as Parth A from 8th took over the stage maintaining the decorum of the prayer hall through his sober voice. Diven of 6th shared his thought while Sagar Patel of 7th A updated the audience with news headlines. Students were spellbound when Samidh Mam came on the stage to give a profound insight on ‘Learning can happen anytime, anywhere.’
Friday was equally attention-grabbing. Suhradam house members seem to be on the go as the momentous day was approaching. Lalit from std 8th B headed the proceedings on the stage as he anchored the programme. Pratipal from std 8th B chanted the Mantras and led the choir for the prayer whereas Vaibhav of std 9th B delivered thought of the day. Akash of std 8th A read the news headlines and shared funny facts with the students. Nishit Banka of std 8th A shared his thought on importance of keeping a promise and following Guru’s directives.

Finally the C-Day (C-for creative assembly and celebration) had arrived. The Suhradam house members were dealing with surging passion and zeal proactively in the guidance of the teachers of Suhradam House.
The theme was Atmiyata and motive was one for all and all for one. Suhradam house had very well revealed the radiance of Atmiya Bhulkus throughout the week and this day unbolt the doors of everybody’s heart when Sawaising of 9th A ignited the fire as he started the C-Day assembly proceedings of Suhradam house.
Ghanshyam Dabhi from10th delivered a speech presenting a reflective insight on the value Atmiyata. He explained that Atmiyata is an act of joint effort of many people in the same direction for the same destination with a common motive.
Then the cultural bonanza grabbed the interest of the audience as the Drama and dance were performed. The student looked splendid in their ethnic dresses. Interestingly, all students of Suhradam house from I to V participated in the drama called Atmiya Jungle. It was a real treat to the eyes as well as to the intellect to observe the stirring performance those tiny-tots attired as vegetables, animals, flowers and trees displaying a perfect replica of fancied Atmiya Jungle. The Atmiya Ras was altogether a mesmerizing presentation.Thus the exuberant celebration concluded with a revealing cultural potpourri. In this manner, the trumpet of creativity and Atmiyata was blown and rhythm was so captivating that it brought the Atmiyans (students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir) together in a spirit of passionate competition and mutual respect.
Through the soft board displays Suhradam House presented significance of scriptures. With an extreme elegance and unsurpassable appeal, it exhibited the messages, virtues as well as value of Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana, Manu-smriti moreover Vachnamrut, Swami ni Vato and Shiksha-Patri. Thus Suhradam House flipped the Amrut pot to let everybody decipher the message of these Scriptures. Thus Suhradam house initiated a move to make Atmiya students vanquishers and sagacious not only intellectually but culturally.

Sundaram – House of United Hearts and Unbeatable Spirit

Creativity and cultural development should be intertwined aiming at the same,Atmiya Vidya Mandir offers a flexible learning atmosphere where children can express themselves freely and positively. Conducting house wise assemblies is a fruitful step to foster creativity among students and Sundaram House stimulated creativity by helping students to think across the topics Respect and significance of a Guru in our life.

In the third week of July , Sundaram house students offered an opportunity to all to witness and know different aspects of the value Respect and evoked everybody to think on the value respect from 360 degree angle.The first day assembly of the week was dedicated to the respect towards Parents. Parth Bhai accentuated that a virtuous child should fulfill his obligations towards his parents by treating them politely and gently.He also explained that the only way to show our respect to our parents is to seek their advice on all important occasions. In teacher’s talk Mukesh Sir emphasized on importance and benefit of touching feet of parents.

The next day’s assembly was dedicated to the respect towards teachers. Through the thought of the day, Meet Bhai explained that the only way to respect teacher is by trusting them as our well-wisher. Students were awakened with the feeling of gratitude towards their teacher who guide and shows the path of life.

Yet another, significant aspect of the value respect shown in the next day’s assembly was respect towards environment. Through the thought of the day Suraj bhai appealed the students to respect the environment by conserving it for future generation. Everybody sang the song “Heal the world, make it a better place” as the projector screen showed the lyrics of the song. In teacher’s talk Bharat Sir highlighted the value of environment and how can we show a sense of gratitude towards environment.

The following day was to complete the model-wheel of respect. The last but not the least aspect was respect for all , unconditionally. Niral bhai recited a poem depicting the need of respecting ourselves and respecting others for the uniqueness gifted by God to each one of us. Sahishnu Bhai elaborated on the same topic through his eloquent speech making a demand to acknowledge the God gifted qualities in everybody and respecting them whole heartedly. It was a warm and heartfelt speech.

The creative assembly was enthralling as exuberant students of Junior group presented a dance portraying the respect for all , irrespective of their status as all creation of God is respectable.

Representing the senior group, Yash Bhai and Jai Bhai took the audience to celebrate Gurupoornima in advance as they presented a small skit on Swamiji’s directives to all, like “Call everybody Bhai………..”, “ Na aavde to teacher nu mathu khavu j j j”, “Roj nu devu roj chukvi devu” though they adopted rather a practical and humour-clad approach to convey these Swamiji’s directives to the students but their presentation proved to be most appealing to the audience. The next move brought home the true feeling of Gurupoornima as all the teachers were called on the stage for Gurupoojan.

The soft board theme was Gurupoornima, and Sundaram house made a humble effort to epitomized the Guru-Diciple tradition, It displayed detailed sketches of Arjuna with the blessings of Shree Krushna as his guide and Guru, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with the blessings of his Guru Samartha Ramdas Swami and Eklavya with Guru Drona. Students were highly inspired and motivated by H.D.H. Hariprasad Swami Maharaj’s life for whom His Guru’s words were only purpose of His existence.

Thus, Sundaram house made a sincere effort to urge everybody to repay his deep debt of gratitude he owes to his Guru by constantly following His teachings because whatever the Guru advises has a benevolent purpose. The soft board displays and the morning assemblies throughout the week enunciated loud and clear that a meaningful ,purposeful and well destined life is unimaginable without a Guru ,this is the only truth of life and this truth remains beautiful so GO SUNDARAM ….. with the same thought.

Written by: Seema Madam

Shivam House Week – Born to prosper…

Following the benchmark of excellence set by the Satyam House students, it was only obvious to keep up with the standards set and that was exactly what was witnessed during the Shivam House Week!

The week started off with the auspicious event of Rathyatra. Hetbhai (Class 8) explained the true meaning of Rathyatra. He explained that:
• the soul is Rathi – owner of the `chariot’ which is the body,
• the intellect is the Sarathi – driver,
• the mind is the rein,
• the senses are the horses,
• the Panch Vishayas – material objects of the five senses – are the fields of pasture for the horses.
• the person whose Sarathi – intellect – is wise, whose mind fully controls the senses, can traverse Samsaar to reach the desired goal – the Lord’s abode.

He further informed that on this auspicious day, as per the tradition, the deities of Jagannath Mandir (Orissa) are installed into a huge rath and devotees pull it through the streets. The local king used to serve by humbly sweeping the road ahead with a golden broom.

The softboard theme was also chosen as Unity by the house. One softboard had a divine glow of the spiritual meaning of Unity – that of the mann, buddhi, chitt and aham. It gave out a clear message that the oneness of these four faculties was very essential for any success in life.

The other softboard had a dynamic flow highlighting the contributions in different areas by the people of the North, East, West and South zones of India. Everyday of the week had a different flavour based on these zones. Against the timeline of events, the increasingly reducing maps of India were displayed and the young onlookers were appealed to do something about stopping the disintegration, solution being to forget the differences and to UNITE!

Unity was the theme for the Saturday Creative Assembly. Due to the school picnic to Chhab Chhaba Chhab, it was kept on Monday instead of Saturday. The Juniors performed a very lively dance-drama based on the fact that if we work together we can do anything and everything. The story was “hola upaad” in which a hunter catches some birds in his net. The students depicted the struggling of the birds and their flying off with the net being united.
The Seniors performed a drama that highlighted the two perspectives of Unity – destructive and the one for good cause. Taking into account some AVM based experiences, the drama conveyed both perspectives in a simple yet effective manner.

The week, hence concluded with an enlightening message of the need for Unity within so as to prosper within and the need for Unity in the country so as to make India prosper.

The softboard had a very appealing statement of HDH Hariprasad Swamiji which kind of summarised the week’s events:
As long as there is no harmony within an individual, there cannot be peace within a family,
As long as there is no harmony within a family, there cannot be peace within a society,
As long as there is no harmony within a society, there cannot be peace within a nation.”

The choice is ours!

Compiled by: Het Adhvaryu (Class 8 – Shivam House)

The students of Satyam house feel honoured and proud to be the house week beginners!

India is known for “Unity in Diversity” and the same is true for Atmiya Vidya Mandir, too. The new academic year commenced with a new zeal, excitement and a determination to do something creative and unique which is aimed to provide real life exposure along with strong academics to the students.
This gave birth to the “Students’ Council” wherein students were formally elected for the positions of Head boy, Vice-Head boy and Sports Captain. Moreover, prefects were selected from every class for each house – Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam. The sole objective of this was to bring to the fore and nurture the latent talents and skills of the students.
Sarthak Jariwala, Yash Pachchigar and Vikas Patel were elected as the Head Boy, Vice-Head Boy and the Sports Captain of the school, respectively.
On 29th June, we celebrated the “Investiture Ceremony” in which the Head boy, Vice-Head boy and the Sports Captain of the school took an oath for their duty and service as the representative of the the Students’ Council.
One of the new things Atmiya Vidya Mandir has started this year is celebrating the morning assemblies (and the creative assembly on Saturdays) and decorating the Display Boards on a theme by the Houses – Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam every week, respectively.
Satyam House got the opportunity to celebrate the Morning Assemblies for the first week. The House was launched on Tuesday, the 6th July with Parade and Music by the House Captain, Vice-Captain and the prefects from each class followed by a speech by the Vice-Captain, Harsh Sarda (Grade VIII) who spoke on the mission of Satyam House, which is – Truth Prevails, and Atmiyata. On other days of the week, students presented small skits on Unity and Atmiyata. Love Patel (Grade VIII) addressed the assembly on the topic – Atmiyata.
On Saturday (16th July), Satyam House presented the first Creative Assembly of the year on the value – Discipline. The value was presented in the form of a mime (i.e. Do’s and Don’ts of our daily schedule in Hostel, Prayer Hall, Dining Hall and the Classroom) and a speech on discipline by Sumit Chaudhary of Grade VIII A.

Display Boards were creatively decorated on the theme “The Significance of Values in Our Life”. Through Display Boards Satyam House tried to emphasize that Education = Academics + Values. Without values, education is worthless. It was shown that Academics earn you a living and Values teach you how to make life. Biographies of highly successful people who lived and are still living a value based life were also displayed, e.g. John Wooden, Narayan Murthy, Ratan Tata, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and Amitabh Bachchan. Based on the display boards, students were asked questions, e.g. which is the most important value for a successful life? Students dropped awesome answers for the same.
During the course of the week, House has presented before the students the values of the month through various activities. The students had great time and learnt a lot together throughout the week. In a nutshell, it was a great learning experience for students. Stay tuned to receive more updates from Satyam house on the value “Being proactive” next month.

Written by: Paras Sir


सुना न हो सफ़र सत्कार का, आगे और ज़माना भी है।

सम्मान देते-देते भूल न जाना, एक दिन सम्मान हमे पाना भी है।।


ये कोइ उपहार नहीं जो किसी के हाथ में दिया जाए।
ना ये उधार लिया जाए, ना भाड़े पे चलाया जाए,
ना छिना जाए, ना चुराया जाए,
जब होठों से भी ना उगला जाए, तो आंखों से जताया जाए,
ये तो बस कुछ ऐसा है कि, साँसों में समाया जाए।।

देख वीरों के शौर्य को, जब इतने से भी दिल ना भरें तो,
जज़्बातों से तने सीनों पर पराक्रम पदक लगाए जाएँ।

गिनती के ये साढ़े तीन अक्षर, हर मांगें साक्षर और निरक्षर,
सब बीमार तीन अनार, सम्मान आदर और सत्कार।।

संप को सम्मान है,
सुह्रद को सत्कार है,
एकता को आदर है,
पर इन सबसे भी पहले आत्मा को सम्मान है,
क्योंकि आत्मा की सराहना, आत्मा की सेवा, और आत्मा का सम्मान,
बस! यही आत्मीयता का दूसरा नाम है,
बस! यही आत्मीयता का दूसरा नाम है।।

– पुष्पक एम. जोशी

Republic Day celebration at AVM

Republic Day celebration at AVMIn a befitting tribute to the nation on the occasion of 60th Republic Day celebrations, the management staff and students organized a simple but a meaningful ceremony to salute the nation and express solidarity with it as its being continuously tested, trying to grapple with severe problems of internal and international tensions, at the same time keeping the economy afloat progressing in the wake of global recession.The threats of regionalism, linguistic divisions, external aggressions and terrorist bloodbath are looming large over the Indian nation and the need of the hour is to confront them with courage, upholding the dignity of the citizens, at the same time keeping the country united, as was said by a staff member to the gathering.The management representative, Mr. Haresh Patel further urged the members of the Atmiya Vidya Mandir family to take a pledge to spread the message of “Atmiyata” and contribute towards making India energy efficient by saving energy.The ceremony concluded with the school vibrating with the spirit of patriotism through heart rendering patriotic songs sung by the school choir group represented by students and led by Mr. Somnath Mitra, their mentor and Music instructor at the school.Report by: Rupashree Asthana

Empowering the leaders of tomorrow today.

It is being proclaimed on the Indian Government website of Department of Science and Technology that today India is one of the top ranking countries in the competitive economy especially in the field of research. However it is said on the same website that we need to embark on some major science projects which have relevance of national needs and which will also be relevant for tomorrow’s technology.
This means we will need a few more Nandan Nilekani’s in India, who currently is the Chairman of the Identification Authority of India. On his blog and in his book, he describes that this project will give each Indian a unique identification number which in turn will enable direct benefits, and fixing weak public delivery systems, giving the poor access to better healthcare, education and welfare safety nets.
One of the leading Scientists of India, Padmashree and Padmabhushan awardee Dr Raghunath Mashelkar while talking to school children at a reputed school in Mumbai highlighted top five attributes of success:
1. Believe in yourself.
2. When you fail, do not go into depression and when you succeed you keep your feet firmly rooted to the ground.
3. There is no substitute to hard work.
4. Positivism, it matters more in the case of leadership. That way you can get extraordinary work done from ordinary people. There is an extraordinary spark in every individual and you should know how to tap it.
5. Believe in teamwork. Individuals can achieve little what a team can. You therefore should build effective teams and guide them to success.
He also said that the gap between academics and industry in India is quite high. What does industry do? It converts knowledge into money and academia converts money into knowledge. Every evolving society needs to strike a balance between these two and the balance will make the society richer in terms of both money and knowledge. In the western countries we find no gap between academic scientific research and industry and therefore we see how advanced they are in terms of knowledge and both application of science.
So what children in 21st century need is more than academics and the top attributes as highlighted by Dr Mashelkar believe in oneself, Leadership, Positive Attitude, Teamwork and Team Building.
The teachers, staff and management of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are aware of these current societal needs and have been imparting these values in children since the inception of our school and thus empowering the leaders of tomorrow, today.