2018-19 Std 10 Honour Roll

With the grace of Swamishree, we got 100% results in Std 10 board exams!

Out of the total 43 students:

  • 16 students scored above 90%
  • 20 students scored between 80-90%
  • 7 students scored between 70-80%

No one scored below 70%

Overall Highest: 97.2%
Overall Average: 87.3%
Overall Lowest: 70.6%

Congratulations to All!

2018-19 Std 12 Honour Roll

With the grace of Swamishree, AVM Class of 2019 achieves 100% result!

Out of the total 41 students:

  • 20 students scored above 90%
  • 17 students scored between 80-90%
  • 3 students scored between 70-80%
  • 1 students scored between 67-70%

Overall Highest: 98.2%
Overall Average: 88.76%
Overall Lowest: 67.4%

Congratulations to All!


Festive Friday : Annkut Utsav at AVM

Atmiya Vidya Mandir is a distinctive Temple of Learning as it is blessed and led by the divine vision of His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji. One of His simple yet profound ideals is “જીંદગી આનંદ માટે છે, મરવા માટે નથી”. Consequently, one can find here an amalgamation of education, festivity and culture.

Every Friday is celebrated as a ‘Festive Friday’. This is the time, pupils experience joy of celebrating different festivals in their true spirit. The sole objective of celebrating Indian festivals is to promote and preserve Indian culture in the hearts of young angels of future India.

Once again Atmiya Family gathered and made the evening of 30th November colourful, festive & devotional by celebrating Bhoolku Annkut; a festival of devotion. About 125 eatables including fruits, chocolates, biscuits, snacks, refreshments, beverages, sweets & meals with beautiful garnishing were offered to Thakorji in decorative baskets, bowls and plates. Annkut was arranged on small steps as well as semi-circular platform adorned with flowers and rangoli patterns.

Celebration commenced with a small prayer and an introduction describing the glory of the day by two young hosts, followed by an inspiring speech delivered by the principal Dr. Vijay Patel. He shared the incident of how Lord Krishna was pleased with the handful rice offered by His beloved childhood companion poor Sudama and blessed him with a beautiful palace in return. He added, in a like manner, God always counts our devotion and blesses us with inner peace and spiritual wealth.

The occasion ended with ‘thaal’ and ‘aarati’. All the elders performed aarati, artistically made with flowers and lamps. Finally, all departed with prayers expressing their gratitude, had Annkut darshan & prasad capturing the memory of the auspicious moment in their hearts forever.

Saumya Ma’am

Inter House Volleyball Competition 2018-19

On 27th October 2018, we witnessed the very highly anticipated Inter House Volleyball Competition 2018-19, for which, all the supercharged players and eager spectators were waiting for. After a fortnight of practice of vigorous hard work, all the players regained their skills through the coaching given by Ritesh Sir and Hitesh Sir.

For this grand event, there were four equally competitive house teams of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam houses, categorised into three groups: Sub-Juniors, Juniors and Seniors.

On the bright afternoon of 27th October, the first match of the competition began by the whistles of our dedicated referees, Ritesh Sir and Hitesh Sir. The first match was between Satyam and Suhradam House in Sub-Juniors in which Satyam House snatched the victory by 2-0. On the same day, the second match in the Sub-Junior group was between Shivam and Sundaram House, in which Sundaram House acquired their place for the finals. For the third place in Sub-Junior group, in the contest between Shivam and Suhradam House, it was Shivam House that won making the sky Blue. For the Finals, it was Satyam House that defeated Sundaram House, building a crescendo among the young cheerful audience.

Moving on towards the Junior group, the competition started with Sundaram House competing with Satyam House. Against all the expectations, Sundaram House grabbed the miraculous victory in the decider set. Later in the tournament, the next match was fixed between Shivam and Suhradam House. The match started with a great competition leaving the audience dumbfounded. As the match proceeded, the intensity of clash grew exponentially. But it was the Blue Army that claimed the victory by 2–1. In the third place match between Satyam and Suhradam House, Suhradam House comfortably won the match. The venue got even more beautiful with a tender glow of Crimson Red later in the evening and the night lights were put on, brightness of which pervaded through the whole arena. In the centre of this, there was battle between Shivam and Sundaram House in which Shivam House won the finals by 2 – 1.

In the next category of Senior group, the first match was played between Satyam and Suhradam House. It was Suhradam House who won the match comfortably by 2-0. The second match was between Shivam and Sundaram House in which Shivam House grabbed the victory by 2-0. It was the time for third place match between Sundaram and Satyam House. This was a nail biting match in which the winning team didn’t lose hope after losing the 1st set, rather, they continued their victorious trail by winning the match. The time then came for Finals which was much awaited and was to be battled between Shivam and Suhradam House. Players were rapt with bubbling excitement, oblivious to the circumstances, they played the match to their fullest but it was Suhradam House who won the match with a perfect score of 2-0.

While witnessing and enjoying the sport, the players and audience also relished the august and loving presence of Pujya Suhradswamiji in the arena. The overall result of the competition is as follows:

House Name Points Rank
Shivam 24 1
Sundaram 22 2
Suhradam 20 3
Satyam 18 4

Reported by: Yogi N. Patel, Yash J. Patel (Class 10)