Entries by AVM Students

Inter House Volleyball Competition 2018-19

On 27th October 2018, we witnessed the very highly anticipated Inter House Volleyball Competition 2018-19, for which, all the supercharged players and eager spectators were waiting for. After a fortnight of practice of vigorous hard work, all the players regained their skills through the coaching given by Ritesh Sir and Hitesh Sir. For this grand […]

CBSE Zonal – Skating Competition 2018-19

It was the sunny morning of 24th October 2018. It was a special day for the juniors from U-10, U-12, and U-14 group as they were participating in the ultra-competitive CBSE West Zone Clusters Skating Competition held at RMG International School. There were 14 students in all representing our school and competing against 3500 others. […]

Navratri-Dashera 2018 Celebrations

Swoosh went the rocket of Ram swiftly into the chest of the evil Ravan, leaving the effigy in flames depicting the victory of good over evil. Yes, it was the grand festival of Dashera. Centuries ago, it was on this day that Lord Ram had killed the devil Ravan and freed the innocent people from […]

CBSE Cluster – U-19 Basketball Competition 2018-19

Our school participated in the CBSE Cluster – U-19 Basketball Competition 2018-19 organised by the American School of Baroda. The tournament was quite enthralling as the participating teams were all set to get the better of the others. Vibes of inspiration and sportsmanship were spread during the opening ceremony. The respected judges then shared their […]

Std 9-10 Trip to Jaipur – a city of Glorious Past

An electrifying tour to Jaipur was organised to rejuvenate the students and to ease off from the recently concluded periodic exams. The tight and hectic schedule had jaded all of us and a tour to Jaipur was hence a great idea. 7th‎ of October, 2018. It was a day full of rejoicement and merriment. The […]