Std 9-10 Trip to Jaipur – a city of Glorious Past

An electrifying tour to Jaipur was organised to rejuvenate the students and to ease off from the recently concluded periodic exams. The tight and hectic schedule had jaded all of us and a tour to Jaipur was hence a great idea.

7th‎ of October, 2018. It was a day full of rejoicement and merriment. The students of classes 9 and 10 were about to embark on a very joyous and relaxing tour to the posh Pink City of Jaipur. On the bright Sunday afternoon, we left the school and headed towards the Surat Railway Station to catch the train to Jaipur. We were rapt with bubbling excitement, very anxious and eager to board the train. After loads of kicking of heels and twiddling of thumbs, all efforts to kill time, the prolonged anticipation ended and we mounted the train.

There’s no atom of hyperbole in saying that the downright long train journey of 15 hours turned into exhilaration and unending saga of jubilation. We alighted the train at Jaipur Junction in the morning of 8th October. After an extended bus journey, we arrived at our long-awaited destination, The Rajasthali Resort, a place amidst nature with admirable infrastructure and beautiful surroundings.

We refreshed ourselves by dint of a cool splash in the pool. Followed by a delicious lunch, we headed towards the magnificent Jaigarh Fort, catching glimpses of armaments and barricades. Something that we all were awestruck by and which caught our breaths was the largest cannon in the world. It was a living mark of the exquisite craftsmanship of the Rajasthanis linked to which are many legends and folklores.

We travelled ahead in jeeps towards the breath-taking Amer Fort. It was a unique fort-cum-palace full of grandeur, this place seemed to be a perfect display of astounding masonry, ideal blend of diverse culture and flawless architecture. It was truly an ostentatious monument revealing true colours of Rajasthani splendour.

On the journey back to the hotel, we visited a handicraft textile market where we observed a demonstration on the traditional method of block printing. Furthermore, we observed the display of domestic artefacts and exclusive Rajasthani fabric.

Next day, on 9th‎ October, we were set for a full day of adventure. After a high-carb breakfast, we proceeded towards the adventure park, “TAO Experiences”.

This splendid place quenched our inner thirst for an adventure. The site had an exciting array of adventure activities of which we pulled off quad biking, paintball, zipline, body zorbing, bungee-running and roller zorbing.

Soon, we set off to return to our “home away from home” after a day full of thrill and exaltation. But we were not yet done for the day. The inexhaustible fervour of everyone captivated us to join a musical evening. It was the 1st day of Navratri and hence the Garba night. We were enraptured with bubbling zest, oblivious to the tiresome day.

The final morning of our stay was rather a soothing one. After breakfast, we embraced the super-cool water in the pool once more. After a game of water polo along with fiery music, we were ready for the day.

Finally, we tightened our laces to check out from the resplendence of the resort.

After a few quick instructions we set off to explore the opulent Jantar Mantar, a vivid emblem of the majestic, scientific advancement of historical India. Its accuracy of showing time and the largest sun clock were just stunning. Next, we headed towards the mind-boggling City Palace. It was literally a maze full of state-of-the-art monuments. We departed towards the last landmark of our trip. It was none other than the heavenly Hawa Mahal. The outlandish fact of it being without any foundations was flabbergasting to see. It was a spectacular experience in viewing its artistic interior.

Then, we left for the railway from the core of the city while cherishing the never-to-be-forgotten memories of the Pink City. Soon, we headed to the platform and boarded the train ready to get back to that wonderful corner of the Earth: HOME. We fell onto our berths contemplating about the euphoric trip we had. At 10 in the morning of the 11th October, we alighted from the train, fresh and ready to resume the school.

What joy! What exhilarating fun we had! Memories of this excursion will be etched on our minds for eternity!

The experiences of this tour have left indelible footprints on the sands of time for us.

Reported by: Niramay Mehta, Kalp Patel (Class 10)