No one can deny that sports is a quintessential part of our lives. Football being one of the many sports played passionately at AVM, is without doubt the most interesting and intense sports of them all.

The Inter House Football Competition is one of the most awaited one among students as well as teachers and this year was no different. Every player on the field had devoted his body and mind for one sole purpose: to try and have their house win THE TROPHY.

In every match, from the kick off to the final whistle, every player had gone all in for it. It was a sheer display of talent and skill. The teams competed against one another, but the spirit of the game stayed true in their hearts. Defeat didn’t matter, but what did was their efforts and teamwork, a true spectacle of brotherhood.

But every competition has to end with someone emerging victorious, so it was the Shivam House team that rose above all odds and bagged the trophy.

Group wise results are as follows:


  1. Suhradam
  2. Shivam
  3. Sundaram
  4. Satyam


  1. Satyam
  2. Shivam
  3. Suhradam
  4. Sundaram


  1. Sundaram
  2. Shivam
  3. Satyam
  4. Suhradam

Reported by: Shiv Shah (Class 9B)