Educational tours are some very prominent flashes during an academic year because they are a welcome gap in the routine for both students and teachers. While their purpose is essentially to educate, they can also be a fun and bonding experience for everyone involved. With this in mind, Atmiya Vidya Mandir planned a tour from 19th September to 21st September 2017, for students of grades 4 and 5.

The students were overjoyed while boarding the bus. The journey that started at 12:30 am towards Mumbai welcomed the AVMites with a light drizzling. The students alighted the bus at the Golden Chariot Hotel at 6 in the morning. After refreshments, they reached KidZania at 11 o’clock by bus.

KidZania is a global indoor theme park that inspires, educates and empowers kids, helping them understand and manage their world better. It provides a safe environment that empowers the students to explore, challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences.

This unique education city stimulated students’ creative thinking and boosted their self-confidence through various role plays such as fire-fighter, chef, engineer, artist, pilot, photographer, doctor and several others. After having the exciting learning experiences in KidZania, students returned to the hotel and the banquet hall was awaiting their arrival to serve them a delicious dinner.

There was an apprehension of heavy rainfall the next day, but with God’s grace, the morning surprisingly smiled with a clear sky and a gentle sunshine. Due advantage was taken and the bus headed towards Essel World. The students were elated upon reaching there and enjoyed the various rides which were designed to thrill kids. After lunch, students visited the Bird Park in two separate batches.

The Bird Park is designed with various species of tropical trees in which the tropical birds could survive and feel as if they are in their natural habitat. Students were amazed to know the facts related to terrestrial, aquatic and aerial birds present in the Bird Park. They were also amazed to see how the bird friends have maintained the artificial environment as a natural environment, conducive for these birds. After snacks, it was time again to return to the Golden Chariot Hotel. At 8 o’clock, students relished a sumptuous dinner and then bid farewell to Mumbai with a sense of gratitude for the lessons learnt, finally reaching school at 2 o’clock.

Reported by: Binu Ma’am