Why should every science student in India dream of being at IIT? Why should they burn the midnight oil just for the six hour JEE Advanced exam? Because, it is definitely worth it!

An interactive session was held on 2nd July for students of classes 10, 11 and 12, with Visheshbhai Mistry (AVM Class of 2015, currently studying at IIT Jodhpur) and Lalitbhai Desai (AVM Class of 2015, currently studying at UPES Dehradun).

Visheshbhai told us about the unique benefits which IITians get. He shared with us about the requirement of qualification & experience for a person to become a professor at IIT. Apart from the ‘IITian’ name tag, the IITs also strive to provide one of the best academic cultures in the country. He also shared that let it be sports, astronomy, or even gaming, one can excel in whatever field he/she loves thanks to the various active clubs at IITs.

He told us that the seniors are extremely helpful and they have an amazing peer circle. They try to create plenty of opportunities to learn in IITs so that the students over there can find their hidden talent(s) and nurture it.

Even though they have placed themselves in some of the best colleges of India, both Visheshbhai & Lalitbhai did not hesitate in saying that the spiritual environment and education which AVM provides is unparalleled. Param Pujya Swamiji has blessed us with such wonderful teachers who are ever dedicated and devoted to their seva of serving the students.

They shared that AVM taught them to live by taking help of God’s strength with which they were able to do extreme hard work which helped them achieve this important milestone in their lives. This hard work made them self-confident and prepared them to face the odd situations they might have in their life.

The most important thing in AVMer’s life is a strong bond of friendship with saints and blind faith on the teachers. The main foundation of AVMer’s is to live entirely on God’s strength and making ‘Today better than yesterday’.

At last an AVMer should remember Swamishree’s blessings that “તમે મહેનત કરતા રેહજો, હું તમારી સાથેજ છું”. An AVMer should always strive for the best.

Written by: Hrushi Patel & Meet T. Patel (Class 12 Science)