The resplendent 19th Atmiya Athletic Meet (AAM) unfolded recently, captivating the entire AVM family with an abundance of enthusiasm and fervour. This three-and-a-half-day carnival proved to be refreshing and rejuvenating as students and staff alike submerged themselves in the spirit of sportsmanship from December 20, 2023, to December 24, 2023.

The Grand Preparations:

Elevating the campus into a mini-Olympics arena, meticulous planning transformed the track, and various throwing and jumping arenas into aesthetically pleasing spectacles. The 200-metre race track encircled the Javelin throw arena at the heart of the ground, with long jump and triple jump arenas on one side and shot put, discus throw, and high jump arenas on the other. Each arena was adorned with a fence pattern crafted from red fabric and small flags representing each house. The symphony of participation resonated through the involvement of students, sports teachers, and the academic & non-academic staff members in this unforgettable event.

Following the Diwali break, the highly dedicated team of Sports teachers led by Ritesh Sir, navigated through three intense weeks of preparation. Despite time constraints and concurrent academic commitments, their dedication and resilience ensured an unparalleled joy ride for the students.

The Spectacular Opening Ceremony:

The 19th AAM commenced with an electrifying opening ceremony featuring esteemed guests such as Pujya Suhrad Swamiji, Pujya Nimit Swamiji, and Shri Govindbhai Bhungani. Students of grades 6-12 presented a graceful walk past, while the younger talents in grades 1-2 showcased their remarkable coordination and flexibility in a yoga drill. Students from grades 3-4 followed and executed a precision-filled flag drill that defied their age. The performance, weaving formations like ‘We are One,’ ‘AVM,’ and more, reached its crescendo and pleasantly surprised and thrilled everyone present. The ceremony also included a motivating and energising song, instilling the belief in every athlete that they all will be able to challenge themselves and overcome adversities with their courage and belief.

The ceremony concluded with motivating and insightful speeches from Principal, Dr. Vijay Sir, and Pujya Suhrad Swamiji. The guests’ pearls of wisdom emphasised the significance of physical fitness and sports in life, aligning seamlessly with the practical explanation of the school motto: “Union of Body, Mind, and Soul,” as expounded by Guruhari Hariprasad Swamiji.

Breaking Barriers in Athletics:

This edition of the Athletic Meet etched itself in history by introducing events never before seen at AVM:

  • 1500m in Group-C (Under 13)
  • 3000m in Group-D (Under 15)
  • 5000m in Group-E (Under 17)

A remarkable 45 athletes participated in the 5000m race in Group-E!

Day 2 unfolded with the historic 1500m race, where athletes delivered robust performances securing their place in the finals. Subsequently, the excitement heightened with the semis of the 400m race in Group-E and the enthralling qualification rounds of triple jump and long jump in the same category.

Day 3 commenced with the much-anticipated 400m final as the opening event in Group E, followed by the final of 1500m in Group C. The morning session culminated with the nail-biting finish of the 200m race in Group E. The audience was treated to record-breaking performances, including Yugbhai Bhakta smashing his own school record in the Group-E Javelin Throw. Teammates Jaybhai Bhakta and Arthbhai Rampariya emulated this success by breaking the school record in Group-D Javelin Throw. Younger athletes Rishibhai and Aryanbhai Patel added to the glory by breaking the school record in the Discus Throw event in Group C and Group D, respectively.

The Divine Finale:

The concluding session of AAM unfolded in the divine presence of Guruhari Prabodh Swamiji, who imparted insights into the significance of studying at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. His words echoed the message of GuruHari Hariprasad Swamiji, emphasising our great fortune and inspiring students to aspire to be more than ordinary citizens of Bharat. GuruHari Prabodh Swamiji urged students to keep a role model like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel in their lives. He narrated inspiring incidents from the life of Bharat’s unifier and first Home Minister, Sardar Patel who was a patriot and preserver of Indian culture, heritage, and its way of life.

Each outstanding athlete from every category received a momentous opportunity to get a smruti (memorable moment) with GuruHari after receiving their coveted trophy. Following the medal ceremony, house conveners lowered their respective flags along with Vijay Sir lowering the school flag. Vijay Sir’s official pronouncement of closing the ceremony marked the end of the 19th Atmiya Athletic Meet.

Though the event has concluded, the indelible memories created will resonate in the hearts of students for a lifetime.

The Best Athletes and Final Standings:

Group Athlete House
A (U-08) Ghanshyam Bhai Suhradam
B (U-10) Vansh Bhai

Adi Bhai



C (U-13) Ronit Bhai Shivam
D (U-15) Aryan Bhai Satyam
E (U-17) Neel Bhai Shivam

Champions: Suhradam House

Runners-up: Shivam House

Written by: Neel Zadafiya, Yug Bhakta (Grade 11)

Opening Ceremony Smrutis:

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