The annual Inter House Basketball Competition was organised at AVM in the month of October 2019. This competition was welcome with a great deal of passion by the students. It started on 1st October extending to 5th October. All these five days, the students were ever in thoughts about the competition and tirelessly kept on cheering for their respective houses.

Schedule of the competition:


(STD. 4 to 6)


(STD. 7−8)


(STD. 9−11)

1st Oct’19 Tuesday Shivam vs Suhradam Satyam vs Sundaram
2nd Oct’19 Wednesday Shivam vs Sundaram


Satyam vs Suhradam

Satyam vs Sundaram Shivam vs Suhradam
3rd Oct’19 Thursday 3rd place 3rd place 3rd place
5th Oct’19 Saturday Final Final Final


The competition had two knockout matches for each house. The winners of the 1st knockout match and the 2nd knockout match were to shake hands in the final. And the other two teams would meet for a third place match.

On Tuesday, 1st October 2019, the competition started with matches in the Junior group. It started with the match between Shivam and Suhradam in which Shivam had a fresh start with a comfortable margin of 19-4. After that, in the Seniors, Satyam House team played against the Sundaram House team, in which Satyam won with an invincible score of 24-9.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019 marked the beginning of the competition in the Sub-Junior group. The 1st match was played between Shivam and Sundaram, in which the green army won the match with a score of 6-14. The 2nd match was played between Satyam and Suhradam, in which Suhradam won with a comfortable margin of 6-20. Now it was turn for the Juniors and Seniors to showcase their talent. In the Juniors, the match was played between Satyam and Sundaram, in which Sundaram had an easy win over purple army with a score of 4-16. In the Seniors, the match was played between Shivam and Suhradam, in which Suhradam won the match comfortably with scores 23-8.

On Saturday, 5th October 2019, we had all the Finals of each group. It started off with the Sub-Juniors, in which the final match was played between Sundaram and Suhradam.  In this category, Sundaram end up as champions with a score of 4-16. We had an early match between Shivam and Sundaram in the Junior group in which the boys in blues won with a comfortable margin of 30-8. In the Seniors, we had an equal team on both the sides, this nail biting match began and ended with a score of 30-30. The match went on with extra time in which the scores remained levelled: 37-37. At last, the orange army won with a narrow margin of 39-37. This final match turned out to be one of the most exciting matches in our memories at AVM.

Indeed, we all witnessed a very thrilling competition!

Following is the overall result of the competition:


(STD. 4 TO 6)


(STD. 7−8)


(STD. 9 TO 11)



Satyam 4 4 8 16 3rd
Shivam 6 10 4 20 2nd
Sundaram 10 8 6 24 1st
Suhradam 8 6 10 24 1st


Reported by: Darshil Patel, Nishant Patel, Armaan Patel (Class 10)