The moments of utter idleness were totally conquered on the eves of 24th and 25th August. The students of AVM got a break from their everyday routine to celebrate on this day. People rejoiced, human pyramids were made and broken, bhajans were sung with utmost emotion and devotion. The day being described is none other than Lord Krishna’s birthday — Janmashtami. This was one of the few days when people became the ultimate expression of exuberance and spread joy with the ones around them.

This was a two-day programme with bhajans on the first day and the well-known ‘Matki Phod’ on the other day. The former event took place in the divine Prayer Hall. In the holy presence of saints, teachers and students blissfully witnessed this devotional event. In the assembly, the Music teachers — Himanshu Sir and Hemant Sir, with their respective vocal and instrumental teams presented a melodious performance on the stage. To start with, the students of Grade 3 gave an electrifying performance on the song, ‘Chhoti Chhoti Gayyea’. Following it, was a soulful solo on the song, ‘Yashomati Mayya’. To continue with, the students of grades 4th and 5th gave a cheerful and perky performance on the song, ‘Nand Gher Anand Bhayo’. To wrap up the performance and accentuate it, Himanshu Sir himself sang a lively Garba Mashup.

Gradually moving outdoors, on second day’s evening, the ‘Matki Phod’ event took place on the playground. It was a notable event wherein students from grades 4th to 12th got the wonderful opportunity to participate and try their hands on the Matki full of curd and butter and sweets. Everybody gave their heart and soul in making the human pyramid to reach the summit ­­­­- the Matki. However, many of the pyramids, unluckily, failed to reach the Matki.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement that this event was exceptionally marvelous and spirit-raising. The discrepancy between the bright, youthful expression and the setting of the Sun marked the end of this pious event.

Reported by: Aditya Krishna and Harsh Jariwala (Grade 10)