As the students were studying with bubbling excitement in the classrooms, the AVM Sports team, filled with motivation, was preparing the grand field for the 15th Annual Atmiya Athletic Meet 2018-19.

The students entered the ground with high expectations and unbound determination to get their house the CHAMPIONS TROPHY. The fruits of the hard work of all the sports teachers was visible in the colourful and vibrant drippings spread across the ground boundary with upbeat music blasting through the speakers. The talented dancers of Manish Sir’s team performed in front of our divinely chief guests: Pujya Premswamiji, Pujya Suhradswamiji, Pujya Mahatmayswamiji along with the divine presence of Param Pujya Hariprasadswamiji Maharaj reverberating in our hearts.

The flaming torch burned high representing the motto of fair and fierce competition.

All the athletes were divided into 6 categories of U-8, U-10, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19. The events were segregated into these categories according to their age groups.

Our little hearts with high hopes participated in the event of ball throw to cover the maximum distance with the medicine ball. An event exclusively reserved for our U-8 and U-10 athletes requires the skill to jump as far as possible without taking a run-up. The young athletes with their full vigour stretched their legs to bring a medal for their house.

The three strides that decided the champion in triple jump made the athletes aware of their take-off board to prevent any foul and prevail victorious above the ever-competitive spirit of jumping. The black and yellow rod is dreaded by every high jumper who gives his confidence the peak point before starting the run up in the hope to land on the soft and comforting sand without making contact with the rod. This year, U-17 category faced the fiercest competition for this event.

The steel planted javelin implanted in the ground many metres away from the white border declared the winner, who gave the audience the spectacle of a soaring metal bird piercing the air at great speeds.

Fast steppings and a focused mind are the key determiners to cross the shining red finishing line before the opponent competitors. This spectator sport mesmerized the audience to such extent, that at least one running event has been made necessary for every athlete. The available options for these events are 1500 metres, 800 metres, 400 metres, 200 metres, 100 metres and 50 metres.

The presence of our dearest Vijay Bhai assured all the athletes that any injury from mild to serious would be taken care of by him and the beds of infirmary provided comfort in any amount of pain. The cheering music with high bass pumped the heartbeats of the athletes who were striving hard in sweat and blood and led them find a ray of hope in every beat that gave renewed strength before every performance.

The most eye-catching events of this epic 4-day carnival are the relays of the U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19, where the 12th graders come out of their studious mood and run as a team representing their houses, passing the baton and giving their best to achieve glory in the eyes of earnest viewers and training team.

The two big trophies that have been crowned on the stage since the opening ceremony were now going to be used as a generator of great joy and bliss of the houses as the runner-up’s and the champions. 7 highly skilled individuals in their respective age groups known as the “BEST ATHLETES” were given the trophies for their persistence mixed with dedication.

This event is never going to be forgotten by the fortunate participants who celebrated the competition of the 15th Annual Atmiya Athletic Meet as Vijay Sir said, “I hereby declare the 15th Annual Atmiya Athletic Meet closed. ”

Reported by: Yash Kothari, Nirman Patel (Class 8)

A Spirited Opening Ceremony of the 15th Annual Atmiya Athletic Meet

Vibrant Events of the 15th Annual Atmiya Athletic Meet

Award Distribution Ceremony of the 15th Annual Atmiya Athletic Meet