God – Prayer — Me

Prayer, the word gives security, it gives satisfaction. People have choice of gods to offer prayers, different gods for different people but what is common between them is their belief. I was wondering why one should pray or if that really matters. If I think rationally, not spiritually, I liked the definition of prayer by Gautam Buddha – He says best prayer is patience.

I feel the most obvious reason we should believe in God is, many a times you reach a situation where you give it all but nothing happens, at that point of time if you believe in something like God you won’t give up you look up to Him for the solution.

Life is not impossible without prayer, but the quality and meaning of life.

I like what Harivanshrai Bachan said to his son Amitabh Bachan.It was not the talent of Amitabh Bachan that took him to the heights; it was the words of his father that didn’t allow him to give up in adverse conditions.

‘jo mann ka ho vo accha aur jo mann ka na ho vo aur bhi accha,
kyu ki vo ishvar ke mann ka hota hai aur vo kabhi ki bura nahi karte’.

जो मन का हो वो अच्छा , और जो मन का ना हो वो और भी अच्छा
क्युकी वो इश्वर के मन का होता है और वो कभी किसी का बुरा नहीं करता |

It is not the talent of Sachin Tendulkar that scores 100 after 100, but him thanking God after every 100.

Praying is an inward journey and belief is the fuel.

It is not the talent that gets you 100 century or title of Millennium superstar, but the faith the belief when you are out on zero or you film is flop.

You can score a 100 or have a good movie by your talent, but to be consistent you have to believe in Him, you have to pray when you fail in the journey towards your goal.

If your inward journey is —————, your outer journey will be easy and you will overcome all the obstacles and achieve your goal.

Just Pass

(Shailendra Sir)