Navratri-Dashera 2018 Celebrations

Swoosh went the rocket of Ram swiftly into the chest of the evil Ravan, leaving the effigy in flames depicting the victory of good over evil. Yes, it was the grand festival of Dashera.

Centuries ago, it was on this day that Lord Ram had killed the devil Ravan and freed the innocent people from his cruel acts.

At present, this festival is celebrated by burning the dummy of Ravan, which resembles the victory of dharm over adharm.

At Atmiya Vidya Mandir too, this festival was enjoyed in a splendid way. The atmosphere was spiritually charged, almost everything took on a spiritual hue when honourable Vijay Sir took the microphone and delivered a great insight into the significance of this festival. He mentioned that a man is defined by his deed and that ‘Saralta’ is the most vital attribute a man must possess.

Later in the evening, all the students had a cheerful time playing garba. The aromatic Manchurian and yummy Ice-Cream were memorable.

Finally, all the students went to bed with a year’s homework of ‘Saralta’.

Reported by: Manan Mehta (Class 10)