After the hard work and sweat that the tiny tots shed for their term examination, a short trip was planned for them immediately after their exams. The Dev’s Camp site near Baroda hosted our Std 1 & 2 students on 18th September and Std 3 & 4 students on 20th September 2018.

Their joy knew no bounds and their singing and dancing continued throughout the journey. On reaching the resort, children were divided in different teams for various activities. They rode the ‘Eco Go Cart’ which allowed them to handle gear and break helping them boost their confidence in handling such mechanical things. They participated in enthralling activities like zip lining, wall climbing, Burma Bridge crossing, etc. They even played tug of war and it was a charm to see the winner team celebrate their victory on the ground itself.

They wanted time to stop when they were rain dancing and were playing in the swimming pool! Sumptuous and delicious meals were served during the trip which added icing on the cake of the joy of these children.

At the Parrot Park, they got the unusual opportunity to feed parrots. The most exciting of all the activities was the evening trek followed by the camp fire. They gathered branches of trees and helped the trainer set up the camp fire. The trainer was an experienced mountaineer and she explained to them about the importance of oxygen in our life by narrating her experiences from her Mt. Everest expedition. She found some very curious audience facing her in the camp fire!

The dining staff of Dev’s Camp maintained a board displaying information of food wasted every day which encouraged the little kids’ minds to not waste food anywhere.

After two days of fun, the children returned back to school charged up to resume their learning.

Std 1 & 2 Adventures at Dev’s Camp:

Std 3 & 4 Adventures at Dev’s Camp: